Janni Olsson Delér x iDeal of Sweden

28-year-old Janni Olsson Delér can call herself both a lifestyle and fashion blogger, as well as a talented designer. After being born and raised in Stockholm, Janni has lived in Monaco with her husband Jon for the past three years. Janni has always enjoyed travel, and believes that her travels are one of the reasons she became so popular on Instagram after joining the social media platform five years ago. In addition to her interest in traveling, Janni has loved fashion for as long as she can remember. She describes her own style as simple with a twist, and her goal is to inspire others to be themselves. She finds inspiration in different places, including street style, Instagram, Pinterest, and various online stores. She inspires others with her unique mix of styles. When Janni designed her collection for iDeal Of Sweden, she wanted the line to represent her and the things she loves.


Morocco has been a source of inspiration for both fashion and interior designers over the past several years. “Moroccan Carpet” is inspired by the world-famous Beni Ourain carpet. With its black, geometric lines displayed on a crisp white background, the design is timeless and beautifully bohemian, making it versatile enough for virtually any occasion.


“Coral Leaves” features banana leaves displayed on a coral-pink background, resulting in a beautiful pop of color. With its exotic and tropical vibes, this case will give you that carefree summertime feeling all year long. “Coral Leaves” is an eye-catching design, which will add a touch of playfulness to your look and style.


This dreamy case is inspired by the beautiful sunsets in Marbella, Spain. Soft, baby-pink tones create a sophisticated and harmonious design that will add a romantic touch to your wardrobe. The design is clean, elegant, and simultaneously striking. Prepare to be noticed!

Marble Shells

Shells have been featured in fashion jewelry and accessories throughout recent seasons. “Marble Shells” is the interpretation of this fun and whimsical trend. The shells are combined with beautiful marble prints in beautifully muted tones. Golden details and subtle shimmer combined with the gold-toned logo create a solid and exquisite design.

Black to

“Black to Basics” is bringing back the 90s, as the trend of logos and trademarks printed on clothing and accessories is back. This reemerging style has been shown in multiple internationally-known fashion house collections, and it has us completely inspired. “Black to Basics” embraces this trend, with white lettering displayed on a black background, creating an interesting contrast while simultaneously giving the case an elegant look.